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Kerala Weather Information

Pleasant and equable climate of Kerala attracts a number of tourists each year. Winter and summer (November to May) are the peak tourist seasons. A cruise in the houseboats on the backwaters of Kerala, or experiencing the beauty of sunset over the Arabian sea from Kovalam beach during summer, boating in the Thekkady lake, or trekking the highlands of Kerala during winter, are for sure, going to be never to forget experiences. But for those, who really want to enjoy the day under the cloudy sky, and feel the bracing scent of the wet soil, revitalizing the body, mind and soul, monsoons are for you

Compared to other Indian states, Kerala lies closer to the equator. Yet Kerala is bestowed with a pleasant and equable climate through out the year. This is because of the lands nearness to the sea and the presence of the fort like Western Ghats on the east. Kerala would have been a dry land because of the dry winds blowing from the north, but for the Western Ghats which prevent this wind from entering the land. Kerala receives copious rain (average 3000 mm a year) each year. The temperature normally ranges from 28°C to 32 °C on the plains but drops to about 20°C in the highlands. The Highlands of Kerala, which is an area of major tourist attraction, enjoys a cool and invigorating climate round the year. Owing to its diversity in geographical features, the climatic condition in Kerala is diverse. It can be divided into 4 seasons - Winter, Summer, South-West Monsoon and North-East Monsoon.

  1. Winter ( December - February )
  2. Summer ( March - May )
  3. Southwest Monsoons ( June - September )
  4. North east Monsoons ( October, November )

Winter Season in Kerala

Starts with the end of the northeast monsoons i.e. from the later part of November lasting till the middle of February. During this season temperature is comparatively low but as mentioned earlier it does not vary much from other seasons. In the Highlands where the climate is cool throughout the year, winter temperatures often fall below 10°C. This season witnesses the lowest amount of rainfall.

Average Temperature during Winter : Maximum : 28°C
Minimum  : 18°C
Average Rainfall during the season : 25 mm

Summer Season in Kerala

Towards the end of February temperature starts climbing and this marks the beginning of summer in Kerala. Relatively higher temperature, low rainfall and slightly humid weather are the characteristics of this season. When compared to other Indian states where temperature soars to over 40?C, summers in Kerala are cool and pleasant, thanks to the Western Ghats which prevent the dry northern winds from entering the state and the Arabian sea for the cool breeze that blows towards the land providing it with a moderate temperature. Erratic rains accompanied by lightening and thunder are another feature of the season. Starting from March, summer season continues till the end of May or the beginning of June and is concluded with the outset of monsoons.

Average Temperature during Summer : Maximum : 26°C
Minimum  : 32°C
Average Rainfall during the season : 135 mm

South West Monsoons in Kerala

Southwest monsoon is the main rainy season of Kerala. This season begins by the end of May or early June with the outset of the southwest monsoon winds. The next few months are periods of torrential rain. Lying on the windward side of the Western Ghats and being the first state to be hit by the monsoon winds, Kerala receives copious rainfall. Almost 85% of the rain is contributed by the monsoons. The slopes of the Western Ghats are among the places in India which receives the highest amount of rain. Most of the rivers of Kerala are fed by the monsoons. The southwest monsoons last till the end of September.

Average Temperature during Summer : Maximum : 30°C
Minimum  : 19°C
Average Rainfall during the season : 2250 - 2500 mm

North East Monsoons in Kerala

Also known as the Retreating Monsoons or the Reverse monsoons, northeast monsoon is during the return of the southwest monsoon winds. These rains (Thulavarsham - as it rains during the Malayalam month of Thulam) are in the months of October and November and sometimes last till December. A heavy afternoon rain accompanied by thunder and lightening is the main characteristic of the season. Days are warm and humid but there is not much variation in temperature.

Average Temperature : Maximum : 25°C
Minimum  : 29°C
Average Rainfall during the season : 450 - 500 mm

Climatic condition of the Earth has been changing over the past few years. This global change in weather has their effect on Kerala as well.

Kerala Tour India Kerala Tour India Kerala Tour India

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