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Lakshadweep Islands - The land of white sand

There are a number of islands in India and of all these places, none can be considered as beautiful as the Lakshadweep islands. The islands are known across the globe for their beauty, their corals, the white sands and sapphire lagoons. The calm and serene environment of the islands coupled with the many marine and maritime activities that you can do at this place makes the perfect combination for the people who just want a calm and cool place to bask in the sun and improve their tan.

Places to visit in Lakshadweep

In order to protect the natural beauty for everyone to enjoy, the focus is on eco tourism and the islands are fast emerging as one of the best destinations for eco tourism in the world. The main island is Kavaratti which is the seat of Lakshadweep government. There is a marine aquarium and the glass bottomed boats of the islands would help you enjoy even if you are not that confident about swimming. Kalpeni is another place to visit. It is made of three islets, Tilakkam and Pitti both of which are inhabited and Cheriyam which is in the north and is uninhabited.

Minicoy island is the second largest island of the group. Its length is around 10.6 Km. The island is also the southern most and has a unique crescent shape though there is Viringle which is a small islet on the south. Minicoy is also known for its maritime traditions, unique family village system and Tuna fishing. Of particular importance on Minicoy is the lighthouse. It is one of the oldest such structure and has stood tall since 1885. The beaches of Minicoy are also among some of the most beautiful ones of the country.

Another important island to visit is Kildat with a total area of just 2.20 sq. Kms. The island is located on the international trade route that connects Sri Lanka to Persian gulf. Since the summer nights are pretty warm here, people prefer to sleep outdoors or on the beaches. You would particularly like the folk dances of the island.

Must Do When In Lakshadweep

If you are interested in sea based tourism or in adventure sports, there is no better place to visit than the Lakshadweep islands. There are just so many things to see and do here. You would find eco tours, special opportunities to visit the corals etc.

The cuisine of Lakshadweep islands is another thing that you would like very much. It is highly influenced by the cuisine of Kerala because the people of Lakshadweep are primarily Malayalis. Coconut and fish are the two main things that are present in almost everything that is cooked in the islands. You would particularly like the dried and smoked Masumeen or Tuna fish. Since crushed coconut is used to marinate the fish, a unique taste emerges.

Various water sport activities are available like kayaking, snorkeling and the like. You would not want to miss out the glass bottom boating, banana boats, water scooters, fishing in deep sea etc.


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