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Malappuram: The Scintillating Tourist Spot

Malappuram is a striking place for tourists in Kerala. Bounded by some spectacular geographical features like Nilgiris Hills lying on the east, the Arabian Sea on the west the land of Malappuram lies on top of hills and is remarkable for unique beauty, eventful history, coconut fringed seacoast and meandering rivers.

Malappuram is a hilly area which also contributes to different traditional Kerala cultures. The temples and mosques of the place are known to conduct different festivals and events which act as crowd puller. The district has carved a unique place among the tourist hot spots in the state. Forest cover includes both evergreen belt and deciduous plantation. You can enjoy the spectacular teak wood plantations, rosewood trees, mahogany, venteak and other important trees in this place. Because of its variety of plantation and trees, Malappuram has some fine plywood industries.

Tourism Attractions

Malappuram district has several tourist attractions. It has almost everything that people flock down to Kerala greenery, festivals, temples, beaches and backwaters.

Nilambur: This place is famous for some oldest teak plantations in the world. The best way to watch the plantations is to take a boat ride around the plantation area. One of the famous plantations in the place is called Conolly's Plantation situated besides the Chaliyar River.

Adyan Para: A magnificent place of waterfalls, and trekking points, Adyan Para is just 10 kilometres from Malappuram. It has emerged as one of the major tourists attractions over the years for its adventurous sports and scenic beauty.

Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala: A very famous ayurveda learning centre established by P.S. Warrier. People from different parts of the world come for medical tourism to this place to treat different ailments holistically. The centre also supports a unique Kathakali dance school to teach the famous traditional dance whosever interested in it. Venkata Theva temple within the campus is another centre to learn famous mural paintings. Kottakkal Pooram Festival attracts thousands of visitors every year from the field of art, music, culture, literature and medicine. The cultural mela is famous throughout the nation.

Tirunavaya: The historical place is situated on the banks of Bharathapuzha River. Land of Mamankam was a grand assembly of rulers in ancient time every twelve years and among them the selected would be called the Emperor of Kerala. The place also hosts a large trade fair and festival that lasts for 28 days. The great pomp and show of traders from all places is something to watch. The three temples consecrated to Trimurtis Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is on either bank of the Bharathpuzha River.

Kodikuthimala: This place is called the Ooty of Malappuram. Kodikuthimala lies above 1500 ft above the sea level and a famous tourist attraction. The hill station offers you a chance to be alone, part of easy life, quiet and all to oneself.

Malappuram boasts of wonderful eco diversity with great forest cover, animals and birds. Variety of birds, elephants, tigers, deer, blue monkeys, boars, bears, rabbits, wild dogs and other fauna form the rich eco diversity belt of this hilly region.


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Kerala Tour India Kerala Tour India Kerala Tour India

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